Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to sail but don’t have a boat?
Newquay Sailing club owns two club boats for use by members who are suitably competent. We charge a nominal fee for their use which goes towards the boats’ general upkeep.

When can I sail?
We try to sail every Sunday in summer and often on Winter Sundays too.

How do I join?
Download the form from the website, fill it in and get your application proposed by existing full members, then send it to the Secretary or Treasurer with a cheque for fees.
What if I don’t know anybody in the Club?
If you do not know anybody in the Club, come down one Sunday morning and introduce yourself to some members. You will be made to feel welcome, and  should find someone to help you complete your form. Or you can email to arrange a meeting.
How long does my subscription last for?
The subscription year runs from April 1st to March 31st.
What facilities does the Club have?
The clubhouse has a self service coffee bar and a changing area, though there are no showers. Public toilets are on the harbour south quay
Is there any parking?
There is a public car park on the quay, though this is expensive during the summer season 1 April – 31 Oct.  There is no parking in the boatyard at any time. At the top of South Quay Hill is a supermarket car park where customers may park free of charge for a limited time(.

Can I park my boat on the club premises
Boat parking spaces are limited. There is usually a waiting list but you can request a space and it will be
What types of dinghies are there in the Club?
The most common boats are catamarans: Hobie 16, Hobie 18, Dart 18 name a few. There are also monohullls: Laser, Wayfarer and others.

Can I learn to sail at the Club?
We do not teach sailing, you will need to go to one of the local sailing schools to begin with. However, our competent sailors will be happy to take novice sailors out to experience sailing.

Can I sail from the Club on other days?
Yes, but there will not be any rescue cover so you do so at your own risk. You should let someone know whilst you are out in case of accidents, and also make sure that everything is locked up properly after you leave.
Can I have a key to the Club?
Keys are available from the secretary for a £10 refundable deposit.

How can I get involved at the Club?
The Club is run entirely by volunteer help, both socially and on the sailing side, and if you want to be involved, there are plenty of opportunities. It is expected that all dinghy sailors will help with assistance boat duties when required. We particularly welcome ideas for fundraising, as the club house is in dire need of modernization!


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